Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Think about someone you really love. 

Someone who means the world to you. 

Someone who you’d rather die than live a day without. You have them in your mind? 

So now let me tell you a story. It’s a story that happened a long time ago, and yet maybe not as long as we might think. 
It’s about a father and his son. These two were positively inseparable. When they were together, life was glorious. You could see it in their eyes as they talked and laughed. In many ways, this father and son were more like lovers. 
They would sing together and work together and serve together. Serve…they loved doing that more than anything - looking out for others and taking care of others and bringing others joy and happiness.

Then one day, a terrible thing began to happen. Their best friend being spreading lies around, telling their other friends that there was something sinister about them. Claiming that they were not really as good, and kind, and loving as they said and showed. In fact, this friend was saying that life would be better off without them. 

The father and son had to watch with broken hearts as someone they loved and cared about began spiting them, mocking them…hating them. 

Some of their other friends began to believe these lies, while others tried defending them. There was such tumult, such apprehension…such pain. 

You recognize the story, don’t you? 

Revelation 12:7 says, “And war broke out in heaven…” 
This wasn’t a war of military might. This was a war of words, hateful words…words that would tear the universe apart, relationships apart, and ultimately, the heart of God into pieces

We think of the Cross, of the sacrifice of Christ - the blood, nails, spear, whips, splintered wooden tree…and yes, that’s gory and horrible and my heart can’t tolerate the scene…

But how often do we think about what God gave up? Yes, God on the cross, the Man God that walked, and talked, taught, and healed, and lived with us. But also the Father God who had to stay behind and watch the love of His life go through all of this - alone. 

You’ve had to say goodbye to your loved one before, yes? (maybe even permanently) You know the splitting feeling that goes down your chest. 

Now think about God. No, don’t try to sugarcoat Him. Look at Him in His raw and broken state. This is God who is the source of joy and life and love, and there He is. Yes, He’s on that tree and He’s crying out, “Father, Father…why have You forsaken Me?!” But don’t forget to look at God in heaven. He’s not sitting on His throne, with the stone-cold face of nobility. Can’t you see Him? He’s bent over, crying so hard that no sound comes out. He’s hurting, He’s breaking, He’s in agony that our hearts can only feel the glimpse of. God is dying….no, God died. 

For you. 

Yes, that’s right. He died for you. 

Because God would rather die than live another moment without you… 
He would rather have He chest split in two than fathom saying goodbye to you forever. 

And that “friend of God” who says His isn’t who He claims to be…somehow he can keep us thinking that we’re worthless, and hopeless, and unloved. Somehow he keeps our minds so distracted on our situations, on our faults, the cares of this life that we don’t look up and see Love in action. We don’t see the heart of Love breaking for us, over us, with us…

Oh friends, what a loss when we don’t see…

If you hear anything today, if you see anything today, if you believe anything today, believe this…

You are loved. Infinitely.

Because God. Is. Love. 

"For God so loved, that He gave..."


  1. Wow, thats powerful! So true..really enjoyed reading it! It reminded me to appreciate Gods love more than I do! thanks for sharing! Lovely Blog, keep it up!

  2. Yes. Loved... Love broken. And given. And I am forgiven. Thank you.

  3. Somehow I missed seeing this until just now. But thank you… it is an excellent reminder of how much God loved, how much He loves, how much He values…