Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fifty Days

The disciples are gathered together. It's been fifty days since the cruxifiction. Fifty days since that horrible night in the garden when the mob came and took their Jesus away. Fifty days since they scattered like a frightened flcok of sheep.

Fifty days.

And yet here they are, praying and worshiping together. Suddenly, above the mumur of their voices, they hear wind. It sounds like it's whistling through the house, but it's not windy. Then, over their heads shine flames, leaping and dancing for joy.

It has come. The gift Jesus promised them. Fear flees the hearts of these men.

But wait.

What's this? A multitude is gathering outside the house.
Have they come to take them away?
What would it matter now? These men are sold out for Jesus. Death would only bring more honour.

They rush out to share with the crowd what has taken place.
That's when they discover them to be curious. The sound of the wind was heard all over Jerusalem!
Eagerly, the disciples share their testimony...and every person understands in his own tongue.

What a gift this Holy Spirit is! It burns through the language barrier, straight to the hearts of men!

Peter, yes, the one who denied Jesus, now boldly stands and speaks. 3,000 souls respond to the appeal. A new church is born.

It's been fifty days. Instead of taking Jesus away, the mob gives their lives to Him.
It's been fifty days. Instead of scattering like frightened sheep, the disciples are now tending a flock that grows daily.
It's been fifty days...what a difference a day makes!

And in the last days, we are to expect something greater than Pentecost.
Will we allow our lives to be changed daily, so when the end of our "fifty days" come, we'll be ready?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lessons from the Land

An afternoon on the farm. A lesson learned.

The vineyard, though once unkept and desolate, has revived.

The soil doesn't seem promising. The situation helpless, and yet, life is evident. Twisted vines, draped with fruit prove that all is not lost.

What made the difference?

The care of the vinedresser.

Bells ring..."I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser..."

Flourishing plants. Ripening fruit. Hope in seemingly impossible odds...all because our Father is the vinedresser.
I'm thankful...