Sunday, November 25, 2012

Messy Rooms and Gratitude


Time to review, revisit, relive. 

Letters, journals, books, keepsake boxes, pictures…somehow daily grind had erased those moments from my memory.

The room holds the appearance of Oklahoma tornado aftermath, but it's a place of healing - of remembering - of discovering that each phase, each step, each blowing wind of change has given more than it could ever take. That the gifts God gives only grow sweeter with time, with new chapters, with every turn of page. 
And yet I admit, it is easy to forget how blessed I am, how many beautiful people have played a part in forming the life of today. I find them here - in this mess of room. Voices from the past, voices I haven't heard in months, years…voices whose sound I can't even remember, but as I uncover and open memories, they still speak. I trace words with finger and tho the sound I can no longer define, I find the lessons just as true. And I smile. 

Yes, there is something about this taking from shelves and placing in boxes that teaches the heart a new element of gratitude. FaithTrips come in all shapes and sizes. This one comes with packing boxes…and I'm thankful.